About Soulmates of the Collective

Our mission is to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness to the frequency of love by providing a safe space for connection, self actualization, spiritual growth and lasting relations. 

Meet Laney, Founder and Intuitive Matchmaker

Hello, beautiful soul. My name is Laney. I am a wild mother, fierce lover, intuitive empath, and am on a mission to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness to the frequency of love by connecting soulmates. I have a desire to help as many souls along the journey to finding true love as I possibly can. As a 1/3 Projector in human design, I do not have the energetic resources to help every soul on an individual level. Thus, I have created Soulmates of the Collective, a sacred container for spiritual singles to connect gather and grow. I have hand selected teachers, guides, coaches and light workers who align with my mission to offer sacred circles within the membership portal to help souls along their journey of self actualization and love. I offer personalized matchmaking to those with the resources and desire to dive deep and work one-on-one with me as a guide on your journey to manifesting lasting love.

Featured Teachers

Cristi Silva

My purpose is deeply influenced by my own experiences in cultivating a fulfilled life. I have been a dedicated student of Personal Development for over 20 years. I am, with gratitude, ready to share my knowledge and experience as a professional coach to build a relationship with my clients that empowers transformative growth and self-discovery. 


My coaching philosophy centers on entrusting you, the client, to be the driver of our journey. It is my great honor to provide a safe space for you to go inward to understand your deepest truths. I have found that mindfulness, clarity, and compassion foster a safe space where there is nothing assumed and everything to be discovered. Collaboratively we nurture and ground our new discoveries, integrating change at a sustainable pace that allows you to step out of the dark into your full expression with confidence. This is my gift, you are not alone in the journey to clear the pathway between your heart and head.


What coaching is/is not: Coaching is a collaborative journey where you, the client, steer our path towards self-awareness and fulfillment. Coaching is not therapy or Counseling. It’s my privilege to offer a nurturing space for introspection, revealing your innermost truths. Through mindfulness, clarity, and compassion, we co-create an environment for discovery—free from assumptions, open to exploration. Together, we’ll gently integrate these insights into your life, enabling change at a pace that ensures lasting growth. This process is about illuminating your true self, empowering you to confidently embrace your complete expression. Get to know Cristi more here

Dragonfly De La Luz

Dragonfly De La Luz is a certified relationship and spiritual dating coach who has spent over a decade empowering women and men to transform their romantic relationships by making subtle adjustments to the one thing they can control – themselves – thereby creating powerful, genuine, and lasting relationshifts that elevate both parties.

With a coaching background in attachment theory, love and apology languages, and nonviolent communication, she helps women and men fall in love with themselves first, heal from heartbreak, and co-create healthy relationships that last. Her sessions employ a down-to-earth, intuitive, compassionate, and empathetic approach to craft a safe, judgment-free space for couples and individuals to reflect, heal, and grow.

Dragonfly is a certified Law of Attraction for Love and Relationships Life Coach who also holds certifications in Solution-Based Counseling, Couples Counseling Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and as a Spiritual Counselor and Psychology Empath.

In addition to being a relationship alchemist, Dragonfly is a bestselling author and editor. She loves deep spiritual connection, picnics in cemeteries, and getting dizzy from oxytocin. When not traveling the world chasing solar eclipses or frolicking among the wildflowers, she lives in California’s fabled wine country with a real-life fairy tale prince. Connect with Dragonfly here

Mikaela de la Myco

Mikaela de la Myco serves as a mother, an educator, a folk herbalist, a community organizer and entheogen facilitator.  She applies her gifts in ancestral healing ways by supporting cooperatives, caretaking survivors in her work with MA’AT, educating in polyamorous and extended family structures, administrating certification courses like ECO Sensual, the Trauma-Informed Herbalism & Advocacy Certification, conducting and presenting citizen science research for Mothers of the Mushroom, and tending to people in need of full-spectrum herbal womb care.  She has collaborated as an educator and activist with many companies and organizations within the sacred earth medicine space and is well known as a maternal caretaker in the community. 

Her platforms, Mama de la Myco and the mushWOMB generate educational content that weaves the tapestry of medicine woman, psychedelic mother and sacred hoe.  In all her creations, Mikaela de la Myco has made the commitment to be an instrument of change in the struggle to rematriate entheogens. Connect with Mikaela here

RJ Rivera

RJ started his career in financial services with a mission to help everyday people create financial freedom and to close the racial wealth gap. After a spiritual awakening, RJ left the financial services industry in 2021 to become a personal freedom coach; to follow the calling of his soul to raise the consciousness of the planet by helping men do the inner work required to provide emotional safety for their women and experience deep intimacy. RJ is extremely passionate about helping men disidentify from their ego and wake up to the truth that they are not a bundle of identities and mental constructs, but are One with Source and therefore inherently worthy, deserving, and enough. He works with clients in 1:1 and in group settings to get clear on what they desire, reprogram their minds, heal their emotional wounds, and create deeply intimate and harmonious relationships. Connect with RJ here

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