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We are grateful for all the souls spreading the word about our mission, and we believe in sharing the abundance! If you align with our mission, we invite you to join our Affiliate program today! As an affiliate, you will receive monthly commissions for individuals you have guided to join Soulmates of the Collective. For every member you guide to join the collective, you will receive $11 per month for as long as they are a paying member. Apply bellow, or scroll down to login to your existing account. 

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"Our mission is to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness to the frequency of love by providing a safe space for connection, self actualization, spiritual growth and lasting relations."

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Tune in and listen to the Soulmates of the Collective podcast with the host and founder, Laney Garcia. Laney engages in the ceremony of conversation with spiritual teachers, provides live soul scans of featured collective members, and shares updates about upcoming events within the members’ portal.

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Join Soulmates of the Collective, where you’ll find a vibrant community of spiritual singles seeking deep connections and personal growth. Within our members’ portal, you can share on your feed, view profiles, receive personalized match suggestions, connect and chat with others, explore the community directory, RSVP for exclusive sacred circles, join our yoga and music sessions, and find companions for shared events! Membership grants you access to weekly sacred circles led by amazing teachers. Membership to Soulmates of the Collective is $33/month. Subscription can be canceled at any time. Scholarships are available to individuals who cannot afford membership cost. 

Work with Laney

Work one-on-one with intuitive matchmaker and founder Laney Garcia. As a ⅓ projector in human design, Laney has the gift of guiding souls along their journey to finding love. Laney dives deep with every soul she works with, from the ceremony of conversation to reviewing individuals’ human design and full zodiac chart. She performs thorough soul scans to equip herself with the knowledge needed to help guide them along the journey of manifesting true love. Whether it be connecting with the deepest, most intimate parts of oneself or helping connect one to their soulmate, Laney helps individuals step into their highest vibration of love. Working with Laney is a five-week commitment and is reserved for those who are truly ready to dive deep within self and align with the vibration of love. Laney only works with one soul at a time, so please join the waitlist if you are feeling called to work with her. Working with Laney costs $5,555 for five weeks. 

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