Soulmates of the Collective

Sacred Circles

We have hand selected teachers, guides, coaches and light workers who align with our mission to offer sacred circles within the membership portal to help souls along their journey of self actualization and love.

Join us for an uplifting and invigorating experience at our exclusive monthly Members-Only Singles Yoga. This special online gathering offers the perfect opportunity for members of Soulmates of the collective to come together, connect, and nurture their well-being while on the journey to finding love. Make sure to RSVP in

Embark on a transformative journey through the realms of dating and relationships with Dragonfly De La Luz, a seasoned relationship coach with 13 years of empowering individuals in their quest for love. Join us for an enlightening Zoom group session where Dragonfly will provide invaluable guidance and support to help

Join the “Opening to Love” series, a transformative journey designed exclusively for Motherlode Matchmaking to enrich your approach to relationships through the principles of openness, empathetic listening, and meaningful conversation. Tailored to empower you with the skills for building lasting, loving partnerships, this series is your pathway to a future

Join us for an enlightening Zoom group session with Lani Kwon, MA, RYT, as we delve into the fascinating topics of Attachment Styles and Soul Mates: Finding, Nurturing, and Sustaining True Love. Are Soul Mates a real phenomenon? What does science have to say about the concept of “true love”?

Join RJ Rivera, renowned relationship and personal freedom coach, for an enlightening masterclass where you’ll learn to harness the power of self-healing and frequency tuning to attract the abundance and love you desire. This transformative session will provide you with a powerful self-healing framework—a step-by-step guide designed for the inner